Necklace by necklace, a group of St. Bernard Arc workers sorts out beads by size and color. The bead-recycling program employs dozens of developmentally disabled adults and helps recycle over 100,000 pounds of beads for use in future parades.

Arc St. Bernard will recycle your beads!

By Jack Tiebout.

Think twice before discarding your Mardi Gras beads, St. Bernard. The St. Bernard Arc will gladly put them to good use as part of their bead-recycling program. Over the next several months, Arc will pay 30 or so intellectually-disabled adults to sort beads to be sold and re-used in future parades. The bead-recycling program has around for about 10 years, but only recently has it reached great scale. When the program started, Arc simply held onto a stockpile of beads and allowed parade riders to come bag their own throws, according to Margie Perez, the St. Bernard Arc recycling coordinator.

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