St. Bernard Parish descendants of Houma Native American Nation and Boy Scout Troop No. 84 from Chalmette recently improved the Palmetto Village in the Los Islenos Museum Complex.

Parish descendants of HNAN improve Palmetto Village

The Houma Nation of Native Americans (HNAN) partnered with St. Bernard Parish Government in 1998 under the terms of a cooperative agreement to assist in the development of Los Islenos Museum Complex. Since that date, the Houmas have worked successfully with Parish Government and Los Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society to interpret the diverse history of St. Bernard Parish. The Houma Nation organized annual Pow-Wow sat the museum complex in 2002, 2003 and 2004. The  Houmas actively support the Isleno Society in its annual Los Islenos Fiesta and Museum Days, an interpretive program geared to elementary school students which depicts the cultural and historical diversity of St. Bernard through sight, sound and touch. The earliest European French colonists who settled in Louisiana during the late 17th and early 18th centuries encountered Houma Native Americans. Houmas lived above and below what would become the City of New Orleans along the Mississippi River in the 18th century. They taught European colonists to adapt to the lush semitropical environment which defines in large measure the culture of the region.
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